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The 20 Best Board Game for Travel and About Travel

Board Travel Games for Kids

If you are looking for the best board game for travel, check out the list below for 10 amazing options for travel board games. You can find 5 travel games to play by yourself, and 5 options for other types of travel games. These games are packable, fun, and will keep you busy on your next trip.

If you are looking for games about travel you can also find suggestions for our favorite travel-themed games.

The travelling board games below are perfect for adults, teens and older kids. Some of the games work well for younger kids, but there are mostly meant for older kids. All of the board games for travelling listed below are family-friendly. Note that we’ve included games below that don’t always come with a board, but are excellent games to play on the go!

Travel board games make excellent gifts for kids, teens and adults. Looking for more gift ideas for the travelers in your family? Check out:

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Quick Look at the Best Board Game for Travel

Read more below for information about our favorite board game (travel edition) or click on the links below to find the best travel board games on Amazon. This table has some of our TOP picks, but make sure you scroll down for more. If we only have room for a fame or two, we usually bring a deck of cards, and one of the same in this list.


Best For


Buy Game

Code Names

Groups, Families, Travel


Multi-Board Game Set

Couples, car travel, airplane travel


Grab and Go Travel Games

Families, Couples, Travel



Couples, Travel, word lovers


Catan Dice Game

Couples, Teens, Family


Pass the Pigs

Everyone, travel


Trekking the World

Game About Travel


5 Best Travel Board Games for Groups and Families

Code Names

In this fun group, word game, players give hints to try to get the cards on the board. The game works well with 2-8 players in teams. This is our favorite board game for travel and one of the best family games for teens.

Grab and Go Travel Games

This set of grab and go has some of our favorite on the go travel games, including Clue and Monopoly.


This is our favorite word game to play on the go. You can play it with 2 or more people. Similar to scrabble you try to create words that link together.

Catan Dice Game

This fun game is based on the more traditional and popular Catan game. This is small and very easy to take with you on your next trip and is one of the best portable board games. This is the best travel trailer for family of 4.


This is a fun and engaging game that is perfect for a long car trip. Designed for group play, for ages 12 and up, this game is great for everyone.

5 Best Travel Board Games for 2 People

Multi-set Travel Board Games

Why take one board game on your next trip, when you can take multiple games in one big set. This includes many classics like checkers, backgammon and more. These are great travel games for 2 players.

Scrabble Travel Edition

Bring this classic word board game along on your next trip. This game has raised blocks to hold the letters and is slightly smaller than a traditional scrabble game.

Pass the Pigs

This classic and silly game is fun to play with 2 people when you’re traveling. Roll the dice and see how the pigs land to score points. It’s one of the best games for travelling for kids of all ages.


Based on the larger Sequence game, in this card game challenges players to put cards in a row to create a sequence. This makes a great backpacker card game.


This is a fun and challenging strategy game for all ages and since it’s small, it’s easy to pack and carry along on your next adventure.

5 Best Travel Games to Play Alone


A fun and challenging game to play by yourself when you are on the road. This brain teaser includes over 200 puzzles.

Brain Teaser Memory Game

Challenge your brain with this addictive puzzling game. My son was recently gifted this game and loves to play!

Rubik’s Cube

It’s a classic which makes it an awesome travel game. While not a traditional board game for travel, having a Rubik’s cube on your next trip will be fun for everyone.

Playing Card

This basic travel game is perfect for playing on your own or with a group. Try card tricks, play solitaire and more. We love to play hearts when we travel as a family.

Unsolved Case Files

This fun mystery solving game is great to play on your own, but can also be played in groups of or more. Solve the mysterious murder using the clues!

5 Best Games about Travel

See these ideas for board games about travel and travel themed board games to play at home or on the road. A few of these are world travel games and others are US focused.

Trekking the World

This is a great game about travel for teens, kids and adults. You can explore special places and different cultures with this beautiful world travel game. In this game you will travel the world and collect items from different locations.

Ticket to Ride

Explore North America with this train inspired travel game. My own teens love this game and enjoy the challenge of building train tracks across the country to beat their opponent.

Passport to Culture

Travel then planet and answer questions about every country in the world. This game is designed to be played at home but is also packable if you want to take in on the road.

Trekking the National Parks

This is a great game for kids over 8 and is a fun way to explore the National Parks in the United States. Created by travelers, this is a fun game to play and you’ll learn something as you go!

The World Game

Learn about this world through the educational game with trivia and a world map for 2-5 players

What Makes a Game the ‘best games for travel?’

The best travelling games are fun to play together, easy to transport and engaging. Ideally travel board games come in a hard case that have small pieces and a sturdy board. You can also find many traditional board games in a travel format that have smaller boards and cards and even magnets.

If we only have space for one game, we usually take playing cards as there are so many games you can play. After that, we choose one of the smaller games from the list above. Our favorite board game for travel after cards is usually Bananagrams or Catan.

Board Game for travel
Board Game for Travel: Playing Bananagrams at the campsite

Board Games for travel make great gifts – looking for more ideas?

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