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35 Best Hiking Gifts for Kids to Inspire a Love of the Mountains

Gear for hiking and about hiking can make an amazing gift for the outdoor-loving kids in your life. We’ve put together a huge list of the best hiking gifts for kids based on the top items our own kids have loved over the years. Whether you are looking for practical kids’ hiking gifts or the perfect hiking-themed item for a kid’s bedroom, you can find plenty of suggestions below.

Each item below is linked to a place to purchase the item online, and you can often find many similar items for sale near your home. You may also want to search for the best camping gift ideas for kids or visit our find more adventure and travel gift ideas in our gear section.

You can also find specific ideas for the Best Hiking Gear for Kids.

Best Hiking Gifts for Kids
Best Hiking Gifts for Kids

Hiking Gifts for Kids: Best Hiking Gear for Kids

Hiking gear is a practical gift to give kids, but can also be fun. Kids love having their own gear when they’re out on the trail, and good gear will make hiking more fun. Select the best gear you can afford, but note that kids outgrow gear.

Hiking Kit for Kids

A kid’s hiking kit is an excellent gift for young kids who love to spend time outside. Most hiking kits for kids come with flashlights, binoculars, a compass, and other items for spending time out exploring nature. For older kids, you may want to consider purchasing each item separately as it will be of higher quality and last longer.

Kid’s Hiking Backpack

It’s important for kids to have a hiking backpack that fits their smaller frame. Even young kids can carry a small weight and will enjoy being responsible for their own snacks and gear. Look for a kid’s backpack designed with their small bodies with some pockets to keep all their gear.

My kids have all hiked with both a Jr. Deuter pack and a Junior Osprey pack over the years.

Hydration Pack for Kids

Another alternative to a more traditional hiking backpack for kids is a hydration pack. When my youngest turned 6 and she wanted her own pack like her older siblings, we started her with her own hydration pack with a small pocket to carry her own snacks. This is an excellent hiking gift for kids.

Waterbottle for Hiking with Kids

A water bottle is essential for hiking and kids love having their own water bottle that they can personalize and carry on their next hike. There are so many options for hiking water bottles. If you are planning to hike long distances, consider a lighter water bottle, otherwise, select something more sturdy.

Hiking Poles for Kids

Hiking poles are a modern take on the walking stick. The best hiking poles for kids are lightweight and adjustable. Hiking poles not only help the knees, but also provide balance, especially when hiking on rocky terrain.

Orienteering Compass for Kids

A good compass is lightweight and the perfect thing to train up your young hiker. Many of the hiking kits (like the one listed above) come with an orienteering compass as well.

Basic Kid’s First Aid Kit for Hiking

Carrying a first aid kit is incredibly important when you’re spending time in the woods, but knowing how to use a medical kit is just important. Kids will enjoy carrying their own first aid kit and can start learning how to treat minor cuts. These cute little kits are small, light, and start to teach kids about responsibility.

Microspikes for Kids

If you will be hiking in the winter, a pair of good microspikes for kids is a must. These microspikes help provide traction on ice and snow and can be used around the home, on walks, as well as on hikes. Learn more about selecting a pair of microspikes for hiking.

Leg Gators for Kids

For any kids who will be winter hiking or spending time walking in the snow, a pair of leg gators will keep the snow from getting down into hiking boots and up inside snow pants. Leg gators make a great hiking gift for kids.

Best Headlamp for Kids

Having their own headlamp is important for hiking, camping, and just playing outside. We’ve tried many different headlamps through the years. Read more about the best headlamps for kids. OVer the years my kids have tried many headlamps.

Water Filtration Straw

These straws are the perfect way to teach kids about water safety. With this water filtration straw, you can drink water during your hikes from freshwater sources. My kids each have one of these straws they use when they hike.

Walkie Talkies

These fun walkie-talkies are more about having fun on your next hike. Kids can talk to each other as they hike. This is especially fun with bigger groups of kids. My kids have this pair and use them at home as well as on the trail.

Hiking Gifts for Kids: Best Hiking Books for Kids

For kids who love to hike, reading books about hiking, living in the wood, or field guides are excellent gifts. If you are looking for more books, check out our favorite travel books for kids.

Hiking Activity Book for Kids: 35 Fun Projects for Your Next Outdoor Adventure

This book full of hands-on projects for hiking kids is a great way to inspire kids on the trail. This book is meant to be carried on a hike and you can search for animal footprints and more.

How to Use a Compass for Kids

This is a wonderful little book to help teach kids how to use a compass. Kids will love learning this skill and can help lead the way on your next hike.

The Hike

This fun children’s book is designed for preschoolers and kindergarten-age kids. The story focuses on 3 young girls as they head off to hike in their forest and change the world!

My Side of the Mountain

This classic chapter book is less about hiking and more about living in nature and outdoor survival. This book has inspired many kids over the years and was one of my own favorites when I was a kid. All my own children have read this book over the years and it has a special place in our home.

I Love You More Than Mountains

This beautiful book is full of stunning images of National Parks. Great for children of any age (and adults too) the storyline might just bring you to tears.

Hiking Journal For Kids

This book is the perfect way to keep track of all your kid’s favorite hikes. The journal has different sections that help kids know what to record. My daughter has loved looking back at the hikes she’s accomplished.

Hiking Gifts for Kids: Best Hiking Clothes for Kids

Kids need their own special hiking clothes to keep them warm and safe on the trail. For hiking, kids need clothes that aren’t cotton and can be worn in layers. They also need a solid pair of footwear and a rain layer to keep them dry when hiking in wet conditions. They will also love sharing their love of hiking with clothes that can wear every day. Below, you can find some of the best hiking clothes for kids to give as gifts.

Hiking Boots for Kids

Just like adults, kids need a pair of sturdy hiking shoes or boots for the trails. A good pair of shoes will be at least partially waterproof with some support for your kid’s feet and ankles. We have hiked with Merrell’s for years and like the value for the price.

Kids Base Layer for Hiking

A base layer is a great place to start when building up a hiking outfit for kids. They can be worn under other layers in the cold and are the perfect soft fabric to have against your skin.

Hiking Jacket for Kids

Another must-have item for hiking is a lightweight waterproof jacket that can be worn over other layers when it gets windy or rains. We’ve had many jackets over the years and prefer to get a large enough size to wear over other layers and also pack well since we carry this on every hike.

Hiking Socks for Kids

A good pair of hiking socks is essential for kids. The socks should be non-cotton and be comfortable inside their hiking boot. These socks can keep you comfortable and prevent blisters for your kids on their next hike.

Hiking Shirt for Kids

A kids shirt for hiking shirt should be non-cotton and comfortable. Kids also grow so fast that they are likely to outgrow a hiking shirt in a single year, so choose one that doesn’t break the bank. The other shirts below in this list are more suited for everyday wear than for hiking.

Fun Hiking Shirts About Hiking

Below you can find some fun shirts that make great hiking gifts for kids. Since these shirts are made from cotton they aren’t best for actual hiking (unless you are doing very short hikes in good weather).

Hiking Gifts for Kids: To Enjoy at Home

Whether you are looking for hiking gifts for babies, hiking gifts for toddlers, or hiking gifts for tweens and older kids, sometimes the best hiking gifts aren’t the ones you actually use on the trail. The suggestions below are some of the best hiking gifts for kids for everyday life inspired by the mountains.

I’d Rather Be Hiking Socks

Perfect for older kids and teens, these socks are comfortable and perfect for hanging out at home and make a great hiking gift for kids.

Fun Hiking Campfire Mug

We have a whole set of these campfire mugs and my kids love having hot coco or tea in them at home around our firepit. You can also pack them for camping or clip them to the outside of backpack.

Hiking Bracelet

This is a sweet little piece to remind your hiker of their love for mountains whenever they wear it. Some of the best hiking gifts for kids are the ones you can wear everyday!

Hiking Vest for Toddlers

If you are looking for a hiking gift for a toddler, this hiking vest is fun and will encourage your kid to get out and explore nature.

Hiking Game

This hiking game makes a fun hiking gift for kids. We have this game and have played it many times together as a family. It is best for kids ages 8 and up although we played it with our kids when they were 6.

Hiking Wall Art

I love this wall art and it makes the perfect inspiration for a kid’s bedroom wall. This also makes excellent wall art for a baby’s room or toddler. Wall art makes great hiking gifts for kids.

Hiking Onesie for Baby

If you are looking for a hiking gift for a baby, this cute little onesie will set them on the path for adventure. This makes a great baby shower gift!

Hiking-Themed Puzzle

Inspire your young hiker with a puzzle with amazing places to hike and explore. This puzzle is full of National Park destinations. You can find more puzzles on Amazon through the link below. Puzzles makes great hiking gifts for kids.

Hiking Posters

This is an excellent hiking-themed gift for any age of kids and makes a fun gift for teens who love to hike. You can find many different options through the Amazon link below for the best National Parks

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