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How to Hike Table Mountain NH

Are you looking for a lovely hike in NH that offers incredible mountain views with only a 4 mile round trip hike? Table Mountain NH is a short hike that follows a stream before climbing along some slabs and reaching the summit. This small mountain in Bartlett NG is on the list of 52 with a View and has sweeping views of the Southern White Mountains.

We did this hike in the fall of 2023 with Freja, her friend, Finley and our dog. It was the perfect fall hike to take in some colorful views ,explore some of the Kancamagus and escape the fall crowds. Below we will share the details of the hike including the location of the Attitash Trailhead.

Freja checking out the view on the way up to Table Mountain NH

Overview of Hiking Table Mountain, NH

Distance: 4 miles
Elevation Gain: 1300 feet
Difficulty: moderate
Hiking Time: 2-3 hours

Table Mountain is hiked via the Attitash Trail and is a lovely hiking route that offers excellent views for the effort. The trailhead parking lot is located off Bear Notch Road. Park in the small parking lot and you will find the trail starting right in the parking lot.

The first 1/2 of the trail follows a lovely stream with several small waterfalls. This part of the trail is very gradual and pretty. After leaving the stream, the trail ascends more steeply for the last mile with several areas that are steep and slippery. Several of the rock slabs on the way up offers views of the mountains to the west and south.

The summit is partly covered in trees, but a large rock slab gives sweeping views out to the south. From here you can see Chocorua and the Swift River.

Scroll down for more details on hiking the Attitast Trail to Table Mountain NH.

The waterfall on the way up Table mountain NH

How to get to the Attitash Trail to Table Mountain NH

The trailhead for Attitash Trail to Table Mountain in Bartlett is located off Bear Notch Road. This road is seasonal and is closed during the winter months. The drive from the Kancamagus is very pretty on this small and winding road. The parking lot is located on the eastern side of the road (or the right if you are coming from the Kancamagus).

The parking lot is small and can only fit 5-6 cars at the most. There are a few additional spots where car pulled over but parking is limited. Try to arrive early to get a spot. We hiked Table Mountain on a Sunday in October and arrived to the lot around 8:30. After we parked there was room in the lot for just one more car in the lot.

Parking lot for the Attitash Trail to Table Mountain NH

Map of Table Mountain via the Attitash Trail

Map of Table Mountain NH

Details of Hiking Table Mountain NH

We hiked Table Mountain as a group of 2 adults, 3 older kids, and a dog. This is a great hiking trail for families although it is steep and gains over 1300 feet of elevation in just 2 mile.

The day we hiked was just after a heavy rain, so there was some mud on the trail, but we had an incredible day with comfortable temperatures and no precipitation.

The first part of the trail is not steep and the trail is very traditional for NH with rocks and roots. The trail itself follows a stream and sometimes follows right alongside the water and sometimes climbs a bit above the stream. The entire stretch of the stream is pretty, but there is a lovely spot just a mile into the hike that is really pretty with waterfalls coming down over the rock slabs.

After the first mile, the trail ascends more steeply and continues to get steeper as you near the summit although there are plenty of places with switchbacks and flat sections so it never felt too steep. We took lots of breaks through this sections as there seems to be a new view every few minutes. Since we were hiking in the fall, we really enjoyed the fall colors along this hike.

Cali hiking through the forest on Table Mountain NH (her leash is dragging behind her since she took off when I was trying to take this photo
Cali hiking through the forest on Table Mountain NH (her leash is dragging behind her since she took off when I was trying to take this photo

Near the top, there are several sections with rock ledges that are covered in slippery gravel. These parts are very slippery. Dave actually slipped on this gravel on the way down.

At the summit, there is a rock ledge with several places to sit and have a lunch. We reached the summit mid-morning and spent about 30 minutes having a snack and taking photos with our dog Cali before beginning the ascent back downhill.

The hike up Table Mountain NH had been our to-do list for a while and we are enjoying checking off the hike on the list of 52 with a View.

One of the ledges near the top – Finley, Dave and Cali are taking in the view on Table Mountain NH

Things to Know About Hiking Table Mountain

Below are a few common questions about hiking Table Mountain New Hampshire.

Is there a fee to Park?

There is no fee to park and hike Table Mountain.

When is the best time to hike Table Mountain?

The best time to hike Table Mountain in Bartlett, NH is during the spring, summer and fall months. Bear Notch Road is closed during the winter months, so you won’t be able to access the Attitash Trailhead.

Can you hiking Table Mountain with Dogs?

Yes! Dogs should be on leash on the trail. We did this hike with our Australian Shephard and she had a blast. The top of the hike does have a drop off so use caution and common sense.

Dave and Finley hiking the Attitash Trail up Table Mountain NH
Dave and Finley hiking the Attitash Trail up Table Mountain NH

What should you pack when hiking Table Mountain?

Like most hikes in NH, weather can change and be much cooler at elevation than at the start of the hike. Make sure to pack layers. We hiked with rain coats which were a nice wind layer even though it wasn’t raining. You should also plan to pack a full water bottle and snacks.

See a list of everything we bring on a day hike.

Is Table Mountain a good hike for kids?

This is an excellent hiking trail for kids. There is plenty to see between the stream and the overlooks. Use caution on the rock ledges.

Dave and I on the summit of Table Mountain NH
Dave and I on the summit of Table Mountain NH

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