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13 of the Best Coffee Table Books About Travel to Inspire your Next Adventure

Best Coffee Table Books About Travel

Explore the best coffee table travel books about adventure and travel. These books are full of inspiring photos and epic destination.

We like to leave a book about adventure in every room of our house so our family and friends always have something to look through and inspire them on their next adventure. These coffee table books about travel will inspire epic adventures and lead to amazing travel experiences.

Coffee table books about travel make amazing gifts. Below you can see our favorite coffee table books about travel. You can also find suggestions on:

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The Best Coffee Table Books About Travel

Roaming America: Exploring All the National Parks

Explore the United States National Parks with this beautiful book. Full of inspiring photos and practical information on visiting the best parts of America. Use this book to gather ideas for your next UA National Park Adventure.

This is at the top of our list of the best National Parks Coffee Table Book.

The Bucket List: 1000 Adventures Big & Small

This book is sitting right on our coffee table and we love to look through it for ideas for our next trip. Inspire your next adventure around the world (or just travel from your couch) with one of my favorite coffee table travel books.

Destinations of a Lifetime: 225 of the World’s Most Amazing Places

Explore the most amazing destinations around the world. This book is full of stunning photos that highlight the best places to visit around the world. Many of these places seem too amazing to be true and will surely lead to your next amazing vacation.

Journeys of a Lifetime, Second Edition: 500 of the World’s Greatest Trips

This book highlights the world’s greatest trips. Full of amazing photos and practice tips for taking your next great adventure, this in one of my favorite travel photography books.

100 Hikes of a Lifetime: The World’s Ultimate Scenic Trails

We love this book about the best hikes around the world and have looked through it many times. The book showcases the best hikes around the world with gorgeous photos and inspiring ideas to plan your next hiking adventure.

Earth from Above

This is one of the first coffee table books about travel that I remember leafing through and feeling the pull of wanderlust. This book has truly amazing photos of the earth all from above giving a truly unique perspective to our planet. This book is more about inspiration than about actually planning your next trip.

A similar book that has been on our list for a while is Overview.

Unforgettable Journeys: Slow Down and See the World

This travel coffee table book focuses on exploring the journey. Broken into sections that explore the world by foot, water, road, rail, and bike, this book will inspire your next great adventure. With lovely photos and plenty of text to highlight each journey, this is a wonderful travel book.

50 Adventures in the 50 States

Explore every state in the US with an amazing adventure in each state. This is one of the best coffee table books if you’re looking to explore the United States. You can also see another book by the same author:

National Parks of the USA

The Rainbow Atlas: A Guide to the World’s 500 Most Colorful Places 

Filled with color, this travel book explores the vibrant world around us with information about the 500 most colorful places to visit in the world. From Mexico to Ireland, and beyond this book is rich with details as well as beautiful photographs to get you out there exploring.


Are you looking for Italian coffee table books? This is one of the best and explores the beauty of this country. From the beaches of the Amalfi Coast to the stunning to Cinque Terre this travel book celebrates everything Italy. If you haven’t already spent time here, this book will make you want to buy a plane ticket.

Ride: Cycle the World

This book is sure to inspire your next biking adventure. Some of the rides described in these books are epic adventures, while some of them seem doable. We’ve had this book for the last year and have loved thumbing through it to help plan our next family bike trip.

The Travel Book: A Journey Through Every Country in the World

This book goes through every country in the world with photos and information on each place. This is a great overall book if you are looking to explore as much of the world as possible. It even gives suggestions of other books on each country if you want to dive deeper.

Let’s Get Lost: the world’s most stunning remote locations

This is another travel book with stunning photos. One of the best travel coffee table books focused on the earth and exploring remote locations off the beaten path. Compiled by many photographers, this book has travel information on the different destinations and is the perfect book to leaf through while you enjoy your morning coffee.

What to Look for When Buying the Best Travel Coffee Table Books

First and foremost, the book should feature captivating and high-quality photography. Look for vibrant, well-composed images that transport you to the destinations they depict. The book’s content should be informative and engaging, offering insightful narratives and anecdotes about the places it covers.

Consider the book’s size and layout; a larger format can showcase photographs in all their glory, while a well-organized layout makes it easy to explore. Pay attention to the book’s durability and craftsmanship, as a well-bound and sturdy coffee table book will stand the test of time.

Finally, think about your personal interests and preferences, or the interests of the person you are buying the book for; choose a book that aligns with your travel aspirations and the regions you find most compelling. Whether you’re planning a trip or simply seeking inspiration, a well-chosen travel coffee table book can be a source of endless fascination and wanderlust.

Did I miss your favorite book on my list of best coffee table books about travel? Leave me a comment with your favorite travel books.

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