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What to Know Before you Visit Mallorca in November

In early 2023, we started planning for a trip for just Dave and I in November. I spent many hours researching and looking for a great European destination during the late fall and we ultimately decided to visit Mallorca in November.

In this article we’ll share exactly what to expect in Mallorca in November and why we think a Mallorca November trip is the perfect time for visiting the island for some off season exploring and hiking. We’ll share the typical November weather in Mallorca and some suggestions of the best things to do on the island during the late fall months.

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Mallorca in November
Mallorca in November

(Mallorca) Majorca Weather in November

In November, Mallorca experiences comfortably mild weather, marking a transition from the summer heat. Daytime temperatures typically range between 60°F to 65°F (15°C to 18°C), offering a pleasant atmosphere for outdoor activities.

While locals might find it cool, visitors from the USA or Northern Europe will likely find it perfect for a light jacket during daytime explorations. Evenings bring a slight chill, with temperatures often dropping to the mid-50s°F (around 12°C).

The island enjoys around 5-7 hours of daily sunshine, similar to December, but the skies tend to be more overcast, featuring clear conditions about 50% of the time. November is one of the wetter months, with a 30-35% chance of precipitation, translating to approximately 8-10 rainy days. This doesn’t always mean that it rains all day.

Despite occasional rain, Mallorca in November offers a blend of mild temperatures, some sunshine, and a touch of cloud cover, creating a versatile and inviting environment for visitors.

When Dave and I visited Mallorca in November, we had unseasonally warm weather with temperatures during the day in the 70s. After talking with some locals, they mentioned that there is often a week during November that gets these warmer temperatures (like a second or last summer). If you don’t get lucky, you can also get cold and rainy conditions as well!

Taking a cool swim in November in Mallorca
Taking a cool swim in November in Mallorca

5 Things to Know About Mallorca in November

Below are 5 things to know about visiting Mallorca in November.

  1. Mild Temperatures and Layered Attire: Mallorca in November experiences comfortably mild temperatures, ranging from 60°F to 65°F (15°C to 18°C) during the day. However, evenings can be cooler, dropping to the mid-50s°F (around 12°C). Visitors should dress in layers, including a light jacket, to stay comfortable throughout the day and evening. We were very comfortable hiking in short and t-shirts with pants and layers for when we stopped.
  2. Off-Peak Season and Quieter Atmosphere: November is considered the off-peak season in Mallorca, resulting in fewer crowds and a more laid-back atmosphere. Travelers seeking a tranquil and authentic experience will appreciate the quieter ambiance, allowing for leisurely exploration of the island’s attractions without the typical hustle and bustle. This is the perfect time of year for adventure travel on the island such as hiking.
  3. Occasional Rain and Cloud Cover: November is one of the wetter months in Mallorca, with a 30-35% chance of precipitation. Travelers should be prepared for occasional rain showers and overcast skies, packing a light raincoat or umbrella to stay dry. Despite the rain, the island still offers a mix of sunny and cloudy days. Even when it rains, not all day will be rainy. Always check the weather before heading out for the day.
  4. Budget-Friendly Accommodation and Flights: With the summer season concluded, November brings more budget-friendly options for accommodation and flights. Travelers can take advantage of lower prices, providing a cost-effective opportunity to explore the beauty of Mallorca without breaking the bank. We found significantly reducing lodging and car rental when we visited Mallorca Spain in November.
  5. Engaging Cultural Events and Festivals: November in Mallorca is rich in cultural events and festivals. From Dijous Bo, the island’s largest agricultural fair, to Christmas markets in Palma’s old town there are several interesting thing to do on the island.
Hiking in November in Mallorca
Hiking in November in Mallorca

Tips for Visiting Mallorca in November


Since the weather in Mallorca in November is variable it’s best to pack layers. Dave and I found the temperatures throughout the day to vary and usually started off the day in long sleeves and pants. By the afternoon we were usually wearing t-shirt while hiking.

Make sure you pack rain layers as there is more rain in Mallorca during this part of the year.

Planning Your Days

While we experienced unseasonably warm weather, we still planned our days around the weather. As mornings were cool, we got a start by around 9 each day and were able to eat breakfast outside with lots of layers.

Afternoons are the warmest and we were usually exploring towns, hiking or on one very warm day – swimming.

The sun set in November around 6:00 PM so we were careful to finish our activities in the light. If you plan to sit outside to eat, be prepared with plenty of layers.

What’s Open in November in Mallorca

Since November is the off season on the island, not everything in open in Mallorca in November. This is especially true of shops and restaurants on the coast. For this reason, we recommend staying at one of the inland towns in November. W

Dave and I booked an apartment in Port de Soller and while this was a great spot, very few resteraunts were open as we ended up driving to Soller for breakfast and dinner. We recommend Valdemossa or Soller as two good options for places to stay that will still have restaurants open in November.

The sun sets around 6:00 PM in Mallorca in November

12 Things to do in November in Mallorca

  1. Go Hiking: this is an excellent time to go hiking in the mountains of Mallorca. Many of the trails don’t have shade and cooler November temperatures make it the perfect time for hiking. Few people also mean parking is easier.
  2. Rent a Bike: with few cars on the road, November is a great time to rent a bike on the island.
  3. Visit a Beach: it may be cooler than the summer, but there are so many breathtaking beachs to explore on the island. It may even be warm enough for a swim!
  4. Explore the Best Towns: there are so many amazing towns on Mallorca, from stunning coastal port towns to mountain towns nestled in the hills. We loved visit the towns in the mountains like Valdemossa, Deia, and Fornalutz
  5. Take a Scenic Drive: Noveber is a great time to drive around the island and take in the views.
  6. Experience Christmas Markets in Palma: Embrace the holiday spirit in Palma’s old town with traditional Mallorcan crafts, local food, and festive decorations.
  7. TaPalma Tapas Festival: A must for food enthusiasts, explore creative tapas from various restaurants and bars in Palma by following designated routes – usually in the 3rd week of November, this is worth checking out!
  8. Palma Aquarium: Explore underwater wonders in a less crowded setting, as November is off-peak for tourists.
  9. Visit Palma’s Historic Sites: Explore historical sites such as La Seu Cathedral, Almudaina Palace, and the Bellver Castle.
  10. Wine Tasting: Sample local wines at vineyards across the island, experiencing the unique flavors of Mallorcan grapes.
  11. Take a Boat Trip: Explore the coastline and nearby islands with a boat trip, enjoying the Mediterranean views.
  12. Try Local Cuisine: Savor Mallorcan cuisine at local restaurants, trying specialties like sobrasada, ensaimada, and paella.

We think November is one of the best times of year to visit Mallorca – especially if you are looking for more than a beach vacation!

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