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30+ of the Best Travel Gifts for Teenagers

Give the best travel gifts for teenagers this year that they will actually use. This list includes over 30 travel gift ideas for kids, tweens and teens. You’ll find outdoor gifts for teens and fun travel gifts to help your kids personalize their travel gear.

The list includes a range of gift ideas and several options for travel gifts under $20. You can also find gear reviews, Camping Gift Ideas, and the Best Travel Books for Teens here on Teen Travel Adventure. Check out more below for the best travel gifts for teenagers.

Don’t want to give a material gift? Check out our articles: on the best Experience gifts for Teens and Kids.

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Favorite Travel Gifts for Teenagers in 2022

Pro Lens Kit for Phone

Passport Holder

Snorkel Gear

The Best Travel Accessories for Teens and Tween

Universal International Travel Power Adapter 

This power adapter has 4 USB portals and works in over 150 countries. This is incredibly important when you are travelling with several electronic devices and need to ensure they are charged for taking and sharing photos and staying in touch when you’re on the road.

Flexible Water Bottle

With a flexible water bottle, you can fold it up when you aren’t using it and refill it when you have access to fresh water. This cold bottle comes with a carabiner.

Microfiber Towel

This towel is small and is a great addition for lightweight travel. It is not a beach towel, but works well to dry off after a swim or shower when needed. Everyone in my family travels with one of these and have found them and they come in several different sizes.

Toiletry Kit

Having a toiletry kit when travelling makes a huge difference in trying to keep organized. Teens will love a cute travel toiletry kit and there are many patterns to choose from.

6 Packing Cubes

Packing cubes make awesome travel gifts for teenagers. Using packing cubes is a great way to stay organized when travelling no matter what type of trip you’re planning.

Rolling, Expandable Luggage

A rolling bag makes an excellent gifts and you can use these as your primary travel bags for teens. Depending on the type of trip, we often travel with carry on rolling bags or backpacks with our own teens.

Fjallraven, Kanken Classic Backpack

Your tween or teen will need a backpack for travelling around during the day and to keep they important items on the plane or in the car. These bags make great travel gifts for kids of all ages.

Fun Luggage Tags

These tags are a fun travel gift for under $20. These tags are cute and durable.

Comfortable Neck Pillow

Neck pillows make great travel gifts for kids and kids can use them to sleep on planes, in cars and everywhere in between. My own teens travel with a few key items on every flight to help them sleep: a travel pillow, eye mask, and ear buds.

Goodr Polarized Sunglasses

A good pair of sunglasses is important and can protect your teens eyes while traveling and exploring, but there is no reason your glasses can’t be cool. A few years ago someone gave all 3 kids these sunglasses and they love the fun colors and silly names they come with.

Fun Travel Gifts for Kids and Teens

Go Pro

A Go Pro is an excellent adventure camera and gift for teenagers. Use the camera on your next rugged adventure and take it underwater or downhill skiing.

Bluetooth Headphones for Travel

Having a pair of headphones is a must for any teen when you are travelling. Your teen will want to listen to music, watch movies, or listen to audiobooks and headphones make a huge difference. you can also look at larger headphones, but for travel having earbuds is helpful!

Waterproof, Portable Speaker

Your teen will love having their own portable speaker when they travel. This is perfect for setting up in a hotel room, a campsite, or listening to on the beach.

Flexible Tripod

This flexible tripod is the perfect way to capture photos and your teen will love keeping using this to record the best moments on their travels.

Portable Charger

Your teen will love this portable charger to keep their phone or camera charged when you are out on adventures. We never travel without this and it makes a great travel gift for a teen.

Stickers for Water Bottles

This set of fun outdoor and travel stickers make a great travel gift for kids. They can use the stickers to personalize their favorite item like a water bottle, or computer.

The Best Educational Travel Gifts for Kids and Teens

Scratch-able Travel Map

This fun map is the perfect addition to a teenage room and also make a great travel gift for tweens. Your intrepid traveler will love scratching off each place as they visit them.

Travel Journal for Tweens and Teens

Having a travel journal makes every trip more memorably and some teens and tweens love to record their travel experiences. This is a beautiful journal they can have for ever.

Mission Scavenger Hunt Books

These books a re fun way to explore a new place and get you out and looking around. You can find these books for a number of different cities and choose the scavenger hunt the works best for you.


I truly don’t know what we would do without our kindles. Our teens loving using these to read and will also use them to listen to audiobooks when travelling.

Best Travel Games for Teens: Monopoly Deal

The best travel games for teens are fun, interactive and small to pack. We love card games and monopoly deal is one of our favorite for tweens and teens.

Best Travel Game for Teens: Code Names

This is another favorite road trip game for teens. It’s very interactive and takes about 15 minutes to play so is quick.

The Bucket List: 1000 Adventures Big & Small

This is a great book to get your teen or tween inspired and motivated to travel. Your teen will love the gorgeous photos.

Adventure Travel and Outdoor Gifts for Teens

Packable Hiking Backpack for Travel

This backpack is a perfect small, packable travel gift for teens. The bag fits into a small bag which means you can bring it along and pull it out for a short hike whenever you need it. It also comes in a range of colors.

White Owl Camping Hammock

We’ve used our travel hammock in so many places and love rolling into a campsite and setting it up. This is a fun and practical travel gifts for kids and teens.

Flying Disks

These disks pack up small and are fun to use on the beach or at your campsite. We use these on road trips and they make great gifts for tweens or teens and a great way to take a break from screens and get active.

Waterproof Dry Bag

A waterproof dry bag makes a fun gift for the adventurous teens. It’s a fun bag that is useful anytime you have things to keep dry. We’ve used these bags for going to the beach, boating, and more!

Sit on Top Kayak

If you’re looking for fun outdoor travel gifts for teenagers, you should definitely consider a kayak or stand up paddleboard. If you want more details, you can see more about the best kayaks for kids and teens.

Travel board games make excellent gifts for kids, teens and adults. Looking for more gift ideas for the travelers in your family? Check out:

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The Best Travel Gifts for Teenagers

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