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Looking for the Best Catamaran Tours St Lucia has to offer? Here’s our Top Pick

With a lush landscape, crystal blue waters and dramatic scenery, St Lucia is an an amazing island paradise. Having visited almost every islands in the Caribbean, this island is easily in my top 3 and the best way to explore the island in by taking a board trip around the island.

In April of 2024, we spent a week in Saint Lucia for a family reunion at the Windjammer Landing Villa Beach Resort. Or you can check out our review of the Windjammer. Finding an activity for our group of 15 people who ranged in age from 5-70 was a bit of a challenge. Ultimately, a boat tour was a best choice and turned out to be the highlight of our entire visit. This tour check every box – a great day on the water, a visit to a waterfall, mud pool, and snorkeling.

Here is the Sea Spray Tour we did.

Catamaran Tours St Lucia
Catamaran Tours St Lucia

What are the Highlights of this Tour

The best part of this full day tour is that it includes so many activities without ever really feeling rushed. With 15 people in our group, we ended up with the entire boat to ourselves and thoroughly enjoyed the sail down to Soufriere Bay with incredible views of the Pitons.

The crew was amazing and really made the tour excellent.

After our morning sail, we boarded a van in Soufriere Bay and went straight to the waterfall. Our crew did an excellent job getting us there before the other tours and we had the place almost to ourselves.

After a quick swim in the Toraille Waterfall, we headed straight for a visit to the Sulphur Springs- where you can take a dip in the hot baths or get a guided tour of the Volcano. We opted for the springs where we covered ourselves in mud before soaking in the hot sulpher springs to clean off. Note – the mud does stain your bathing suit so wear something dark or something you don’t care about too much!

Catamaran Tours St Lucia
Catamaran Tours St Lucia
Catamaran Tours St Lucia

After getting a bit clean and drying off, we took the van to a large buffet lunch. The food was local and delicious and we were glad to get there before the crowds rolled in. Our tour guides ability to keep us ahead of teh crowds really made the experience amazing.

After lunch we headed back to the boat and took a quick ride around the corner to snorkel. This was the first time snorkeling for my youngest neice and they found the perfect spot with shallow and deeps sections and an easy beach access.

After a long, fun day, the boat set sail and made the trip back to our starting point with fresh fruits, rum drinks and soft drinks, and some great music.

The entire tour lasted about 8 hours and I would highly recommend it!

A Few Things to Know about Catamaran Tours St Lucia

Are the Sulhper Spring and mud bath fun on St Lucia?

Yes – we had a great time in the mud! It is a little smelly and the mud staind your clothes, so it’s best to bring a change of clothes you don’t love for this section. There are no showers, but the sulpher hot water to wash off in.

Is there are Bathroom on the Boat?

There were two heads (or bathrooms) on the boat that you can use if needed.

Should you Tip?

Tips are not required but you should plan to tip, especially if you enjoyed your trip as much as we did!

Is a catamaran the best boat?

We enjoyed the speed of the catamaran and there was plenty of time to sail along the way. There are some motorboats that offer similar tours but you get a different experience.

Why we Loved this St Lucia Catamaran Tours

Here are our favorite things from the tour:

  • The staff was fantastic!
  • The Sail was great
  • We loved getting to snorkel
  • The waterfall was good
  • The mud bath was fun and different
  • The Lunch buffet was delicious
  • The music and entire vibe of the day was perfect for our group

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