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The Windjammer Landing St Lucia

If you are visiting St Lucia and looking for a gorgeous hillside villa right on the beach, Windjammer Landing is an excellent choice. Nestled in a lovely beach bay you’ll find several restaurants, pools, beach activities and more all within the resort.

I visited Windjammer Landing St Lucia as part of a family reunion with people ages 5-70 and there was truly something for everyone to enjoy. Below you can see some of the highlights of our visit and some of the details of what to expect at Windjammer Landing.

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Windjammer Landing St Lucia

What to Expect at Windjammer Landing St Lucia

Windjammer Landing covers 65 acres and underwent major renovations recently and it is a truly luxurious resport. While many people choose the all inclusive package, there are a wide range of rooms, villas and suites and options for a bed and breakfast rate. This makes it an excellent choice for people traveling in large groups with different preferences. We had people in our group staying in several different villas and suites and while most did the all-inclusive package, several chose the bed and breakfast option.

I stayed in the one of the suites with several family members and we have 4 levels of rooms including a downstairs bedroom, 2nd floor living space with a plunge pool, 3rd floor bedroom and rooftop terrace.

Things to do at the Windjammer St Lucia

With such a range of people staying with us, we had a lot of options for things to do. While we enjoyed swimming and relaxing at the beach and pool, there were several activities right on the water that the kids enjoyed.


There are several water activites right on the beach including a slide and trampoline, and if you wander down the beach, you’ll find an entire watersport center with snorkeling, sailing, kayaking, water skiing, and banana boat rides.

Watersports at the Windjammer Landing St Lucia


The spa is a highlight of the Windjammer and you can select from a range of treatments. It is the perfect way to get just a bit more relaxing time out of your vacay,

Beach Party

Every Thursday night, the Windjammer hosts a beach party. You’ll find live music, local cuisine, stilt walkers, fire breathers, and a festive atmosphere.


In addition to the watersports, you can find a gym and tennis courts to get a little exercise. Since the Windjammer is built on a hill, you can also get some exercise by simply walking around the property (although there are shuttles that will also zip you uphill to your villa).

Take a Tour

We love resorts, but often the most memorable experience is getting off the resort and exploring other parts of the island. Windjammer makes it easy to book a trip and we also rented a car for a day to explore other parts of the island. We did a sailing tour that included a few land activities and snorkeling and also got off the island for some horseback riding.

Where to Eat at Windjammer Landing

There are several restaurants at Windjammer Landing and we tried them all!

It’s helpful to know that several restaurants change names between the day and evening. Below are some of the restaurants you can try out:

Masala at Embers
: this Indian restaurant is right on the beach and is delicious!

Upper Deck: A Steakhouse with beachside view. We had a private meal for all of us and they even put on a little birthday party for us with a special cake.

Jammers: This is a great casual dining spot right on the beach that we ate at several nights..

Dragonfly: This is where you get the breakfast buffet with classics and DIY options like crepes and omelettes.

Papa Dons: This is a fun Italian restaurant up on the hill. Definitely take the shuttle to get here and enjoy the view.

In addition you can also find many bars as well as the Perch, and adults-only beachside bar and lounge, and a coffe bar in the lobby.

Windjammer Landing St Lucia

The Cons

Overall we had a fantastic visit to Windjammer Landing – but as always there were just a few things that didn’t go smoothly. Since turn around for the rooms happens all at the same time, often over the weekend, when we arrived to the WIndjammer – things were completely chaotic for the first 2 hours and it took a long time to get checked in and also get our luggage sent to our room. We almost didn’t get our luggage before dinner and were anxious to get out of our travel clothes.

It wasn’t a huge deal, but just be prepared if you are arriving during a busy travel time.

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