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15+ Best Waterfalls in Iceland Map and Info

Iceland might be the best place in the world to see waterfalls. As you drive the Ring Road, you pass gorgeous waterfalls cascading everywhere off the hills. From powerful waterfalls that send mist high into the air to gentle cascades that pour from cliffsides, there is a waterfall for everyone.

Below you can find the best waterfalls in Iceland Map and details on what to expect and how to visit each of the waterfalls. The incredible Ring Road is the best route if you want to chase waterfalls all around the country. We visited Iceland most recently during the summer of 2022 and drove around the Ring Road to visit as many waterfalls as possible.

Overview of Waterfalls in Iceland Map and Descriptions

It is truly difficult to make a list of the best waterfalls in Iceland since there are SO MANY waterfalls. Most of the waterfalls on this list are tall and powerful, but some of the best Iceland waterfalls are smaller and out-of-the-way waterfalls. Some of the waterfalls that didn’t make the list were the ones without a name that we passed on our drives but are absolutely still worth visiting – don’t overlook some of these beautiful small waterfalls.

Here is a list of some of the best and most famous waterfalls in Iceland:

Waterfalls in Iceland Map

Below you can find a complete waterfalls in Iceland map. To use the map, you can click on the map and download it for your own use. The most famous waterfalls in Iceland can be linked together in an amazing Ring Road itinerary.

Note that a few of the locations on waterfalls of Iceland map below are in the interior of Iceland and may only be open during the summer months or reachable with a 4×4 vehicle.

Descriptions of the Waterfalls of Iceland

Golden Circle and Southern Iceland Waterfalls

The southern coast is home to some of the top waterfalls in Iceland. In addition, many of these waterfalls are close to Reykjavik and are an easy drive. Driving the Golden Circle and the southern coast gives you a chance to see some tall waterfalls like Skogafoss, and on the Golden Circle you will see the massive Gullfoss. You could easily plan an entire trip just visiting some of the southern Iceland waterfalls.

Waterfalls in Iceland Map and Description: Gullfoss
Waterfalls in Iceland Map and Description: Gullfoss


Gullfoss is a massive set of 2 waterfalls on the Golden Circle. This is a popular waterfall is easily one of the most famous waterfall in Iceland. The road to the falls is easy to drive and there is a large parking lot and well maintained walking trails. It’s worth walking both trails when you visit since the lower trail takes you to the top of the falls, and the upper trail gives you a great panoramic view of the entire area.

See more about visiting Gullfoss.

Waterfalls in Iceland Map and Description: Bruarfoss
Waterfalls in Iceland Map and Description: Bruarfoss


This is a lovely waterfall on the Golden Circle that can only be reached on a hike. The waterfalls isn’t nearly as high as some of the other Iceland waterfalls, but this waterfall makes up for it with its wide horseshoe full of cascading water. The river is one of the bluest in Iceland and the hike leads you past several smaller waterfalls. The entire hike is about 4.4 miles and can be hiked as an out and back.

See more about visiting Bruarfoss.


The third highest waterfall in Iceland, Haifoss is located on the southern coast neat the Golden Circle. In addition to Haifoss, another waterfall, Granni, is located right nearby and the two waterfalls make for a tremendous view. The water here seems to pour of the the cliff in one long and beautiful stream of water.

Waterfalls in Iceland Map and Description: Skogafoss
Waterfalls in Iceland Map and Description: Skogafoss

Skogafoss and Waterfall Way (the Fimmvorduhals Trail)

Directly off the the Ring Road on the southern coast of Iceland, Skogafoss is a mighty waterfall. You can visit Skogafoss and walk right up to the base of the falls where the water plummets from the edge of the cliff face far above. Bring your rain gear as this waterfall shoot spray up from the small pool at its base.

Skogafoss is just the last waterfall of the Skoga River as it makes it’s way from the glacier to the sea. Hike up Waterfall Way (or the bottom of the Fimmvorduhals Trail) to see a beautiful valley with waterfall after waterfall. This is an out and back trail so you can simply walk up the path as long as you want. We walked about 6 mile round trip and highly recommend this hike.

See more about Visiting Skogafoss and hiking Waterfall Way.


Located within Thingvellir National Park, this waterfall has 2 cascaed the drop over the cliffs into Almannagja Gorge. This gorge is the eastern boundary of the North American and Eurasian tectonic plates. Since this waterfall is on the popular Golden Circle, it is popular and can be crowded. While the fall is only about 45 feet, it is lovely and an easy stop.

See more about visiting Öxarárfoss.

Waterfalls in Iceland Map and Description: Svartifoss


This lovely waterfall is a single cascade of water off the cliffside of columnar basal columns. While the waterfall is small, the basalt columns make this a very pretty waterfall. Svartifoss is located within Skaftafell National Park and can be reached by a short hike.

See more about visiting Svartifoss.


This epic waterfalls looks like the entire cliff face is weeping. It truly looks almost fake and is one of the best waterfalls in Iceland off the beaten path. Located in the interior of Iceland, you will need to drive on remote roads and hike about 1 mile. The dirt road requires a 4×4 vehicle, and while the waterfall is near the Golden Circle, it is not as easy to visit as some of the other Golden Circle Waterfalls.

See more about exploring Sigoldugljufur

Waterfalls in Iceland Map and Description: Gljufrafoss
Waterfalls in Iceland Map and Description: Gljufrafoss

Seljalandsafoss and Gljufrafoss

These two incredible waterfalls are easily two of the most beautiful waterfalls in Iceland. Just off the Ring Road and not far from the Golden Circle, Seljalandsafoss is a large and powerful waterfall with a walking trail that takes you up and behind the waterfall.

Just a 10 minute walk down the trail, you will find the hidden and magical Gljufrafoss. This waterfall is tucked into a cave and you will need to walk up the stones in a small stream to get into the wave and to the waterfall. Make sure to wear you full raingear to visit both these amazing Iceland waterfalls.

Learn more about visiting Seljalandsafoss and Gljufrafoss.


This sweet waterfall can be reached by a fun hike that crosses the river twice and goes through a cave. The hike is just over 4 miles and can be done as an out and back. The waterfall itself is close to Reykjavik and the Golden Circle.

See more about visiting Glymer.


Not far from the mighty Skogafoss, Kvernufoss is tucked into a canyon and a bit more difficult to visit than Skogafoss, making it less visited than some of it’s nearby neighbors. To get to the waterfall, you will need to hike about 20 minutes up an easy trail along the river. The waterfall is only viewed from right below the falls.

Northern Iceland Waterfalls

Northern Iceland feels much more remote than southern Iceland and you will drive through vast areas without seeing any signs of civilization. There are so many amazing northern Iceland waterfalls that make driving the entire Ring Road of Iceland worth it. Some of the top waterfalls Iceland has to offer are in the north.

Waterfalls in Iceland Map and Description: Godafoss


Godafoss is a beautiful waterfall located right off the Ring Road in northern Iceland near the town of Akureyri. The waterfall is large and powerful with a horseshoe shape. There are some basic facilities in the parking lot and an easy walking trail to take you to see the falls.

See more about visit Godafoss.

Waterfalls in Iceland Map and Description: Dettifoss and Selfoss

Dettifoss and Selfoss

This is actually 2 incredible waterfalls at one location. Both these waterfalls are massive and beautiful in completely different ways. You can visit the waterfalls from either the east or west sides, although you should check to make sure the roads are open. From the west side, the first waterfall is Dettifoss, that is one of the biggest waterfalls in Europe. Continue hiking along the river a short distance to the elegant Selfoss. These 2 are definitely some of the most famous waterfalls in Iceland.

Learn more about visiting Dettifoss and Selfoss.

Waterfalls in Iceland Map and Description: Hengifoss

Hengifoss and Litlanesfoss

When we visited Iceland, we almost skipped stopping at Hengifoss, but it turned out to be one of the most beautiful waterfall in Iceland. Not only that, but you also get amazing and expansive views across a wide river valley and the benefit of seeing the beautiful Litlanesfoss waterfall. If you are driving the Ring Road, don’t skip this eastern Iceland waterfall.

See more about visiting Hengifoss and Litlanesfoss.

Waterfalls in Iceland Map and Description: Reykjafoss


This is a beautiful waterfall off the beaten path in northern Iceland, but the best part of this waterfall is the small hot spring pool at the top where you can take a soak. Not far off the Ring Road, you will find the small parking lot with the walking trail to this pretty waterfall and hot spring.

Learn more about visiting Reykjafoss and Fosslaug.

Aldeyjarfoss and Hrafnabjargafoss

Often called a hidden gem, Hrafnabjargafoss is similar in looks to Godafoss. Nearby you can also visit Aldeyjarfoss. Aldeyjarfoss is an impressive waterfall that flows out and over a series of basalt columns. These two waterfalls are on the same river and upstream of Godafoss.


Not exactly located in the north, Kirkjufellsfoss is located in the western Snæfellsnes Peninsula. This is a beautiful waterfall, but is probably best known for the incredible view with the waterfall in the foregrounds, and Mt. Kirkjufell in the background. This is truly an iconic view in Iceland.

Waterfalls in Iceland Map and Description: Svartifoss

Things to Know about Exploring the Waterfalls of Iceland

When is the best time of year to visit the most famous waterfalls in Iceland?

Many of the waterfalls on this list can be visited at any time of the year. The Golden Circle and the Ring Road are typically kept open all year long and many of these waterfalls are just off these main roads. The waterfalls in the highlands of Iceland are generally closed during the winter months when the roads are not passable. The best time to visit Iceland and the falls in Iceland is June-September.

Which are the top 5 waterfalls in Iceland

If you only have a little time to visit, you may be wondering how to find the the top 5 waterfalls in Iceland. This is an incredibly hard list as so many of the waterfalls are beautiful for different reasons. If we had to choose our favorite 5 from this list, we would recommend:

  • Skogafoss
  • Gullfoss
  • Dettifoss
  • Godafoss
  • Seljalandsafoss


As with all outdoor activities, please use caution when visiting Iceland waterfalls, as the rocks are often slippery and there are steep falls at almost every one of Iceland’s waterfalls. If you are visiting during the cold season, I highly recommend a good pair of microspikes.

Is it Worth it to Visit the Top Iceland Waterfalls?

With so many other things to see in Iceland (glaciers, geothermal activity, and puffins) you may be wondering if the waterfalls are all worth visiting. While it’s possible to get bored of visiting waterfalls in Iceland, each waterfall is different and we think chasing waterfalls is one of the best things to do in Iceland.

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